TERRANOVA® is a group gathering the oldest and most historical Italian Brands of Process Instrumentation: Spriano® (1923), Valcom® (1974) and Mec-Rela® (1976).

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Via Rosso Medardo 16, 20159 Milano, Italy
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Via Gramsci 1, 26827 Terranova dei Passerini (LO), Italy

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    Terranova Instruments acquires TM Tecnomatic

    Terranova Instruments acquires TM Tecnomatic

    Terranova Dei Passerini, Italy (11 Jan 2022) Terranova Instruments – announces the acquisition of TM Tecnomatic, a leading company specialized in engineering, developing, and manufacturing flow and temperature measurement devices, completing its product portfolio to increase its presence globally.

    TM Tecnomatic was founded in 1962, and since then, it has been working to create innovative and excellent standard and customized products, maintaining a strong distinctive identity.

    Thanks to this acquisition, Terranova Instruments enlarges the products portfolio, proposing to customers a holistic & dynamic approach for any typology of project.

    “Our goal is to strengthen our presence globally with a great product portfolio,” – says Sergio Valletti, CEO of the Group- “The idea is to become a trusted partner for our customers and distributors, and this is a further step that moves in that direction”.

    “Last year, Terranova Instruments worked on rebranding, creating an ecosystem of brand products to normalize our image and sales proposition” – Milena Valletti CMO – “The acquisition of Tecnomatic is another great step in our growing process. Terranova is the most relevant Italian manufacturing company for process instrumentation products, and we are proud to export our heritage and knowledge worldwide”.

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    Contacts Details:

    Sergio Valletti

    CEO of Terranova Instruments & TM Tecnomatic FE