TERRANOVA® is a group gathering the oldest and most historical Italian Brands of Process Instrumentation: Spriano® (1923), Valcom® (1974) and Mec-Rela® (1976).

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Via Rosso Medardo 16, 20159 Milano, Italy
Operative Office
Via Gramsci 1, 26827 Terranova dei Passerini (LO), Italy

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    Summertime Break

    Summertime Break

    Here we go again!

    After many months of hard work, we are ready to take a little break for the summertime.

    This year we really need a bit of rest.

    We’d like to start this article by wrapping the first eight months of the year in a short but condensed list:

    • exhibitions

    • shaping ourselves


    • team building activities

    • 14001

    • the big move (still ongoing)


    One of the most important activities we planned for the year, it’s our way to strengthen the connections with our local distributors, customers, and – it may seem strange – competitors.

    The significant and fundamental contribution to our business is the physical presence in foreign markets – especially in Middle Eastern countries – where the culture and the connections take a lot of work to establish only from our HQ.

    We deeply respect people and believe the most respectful way to maintain and grow a business is through a deep knowledge of the local habits.

    We aim to combine Italian design, precision in engineering and manufacture, and an out-of-the-box attitude with the local market and cultural knowledge to provide the best services and products possible.

    Every new exhibition is an incredible opportunity to grow as professionals and as a team.


    In the last months our workforce lived a dynamic year, involving new people and seeing others departing, designing our future shape in a year of changes. New people started working, involving almost any of our dept: sales, production, engineering, design, accounting, bringing enthusiasm and freshness.


    One of the best experiences ever.

    For one night, the factory was transformed into a movie set, and our CEO and the funder acted for the show.

    The series is a mix of crimes, sports and business values and ethics.

    On the 2nd of September, the Second Season will be presented in Milan, some weeks before the official debut during the Venice Film Festival.


    We spent some hours chilling all together for some local parties.


    The journey has been demanding, but what a satisfaction at the end!!!

    In the following months, we will tell you more about this fantastic achievement, mainly because it will help us to move towards the B Corp Identity.


    In the last few months, we worked hard to re-organize our internal workflow, enhance the quality of the final output and optimize resources, thinking about a more sustainable business for our planet.

    The end of the year will be very challenging for our company, but we are strongly confident about our people, our brands, and our quality of service.

    Our offices will be closed from Friday 4th to Monday 21st of August.

    We wish you the best Summertime Break ever!

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